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super cool demo!

Anyone have information on when this is coming out? I'm still super pumped!

An update came out in the indiegogo page. I'd recommend you read it for yourself.

it's just awesome.

My son is 7 years old, he's been looking forward for this game since the demo released. He's still asking about it and will be so happy when it releases.

pretty good, a bit slow

This game was really cool! I loved the mechanics and wish there was more! It got so cool at the end with the new mechanic, excited for the full game! 

I had so much fun playing this game, you should definitely play it if you havn't already.

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I wasn't sure how this would play from the screenshots but it turned out to be a great idea for a game. It played really well.



It starts off rather easy but, gets more and, more difficult!

Such a cool game. Very unique way to progress with the lights, I can't remember ever seeing something like that before :D

The art style is awesome and the game just generally has a nice flow to it! I had loads of fun playing it and can't wait until the full game is released.

Well done! :D

Deleted post

I played through your demo and LOVED everything about it! The music, the art style, awesome. Can't wait for the full version, following this!!

The game was amazing!!I didn't know what to expect until i got overdosed from the unlimited cuteness of the small bulbhead protagonist! Really loved it and now i'm currently following you here, on GameJolt and on steam ;) Can't wait for more!
Here is my Let's Play: 


Hoo boy, this was awesome! I'm disappointed that I couldn't find this sooner, but glad to know you're still working on this! Definitely gonna follow development ^^

I also made a let's play. Might be a little late, but I hope it helps nonetheless!

I like the simple but smart idea of the game. It's definitely a good game to play

I originally found this game on another site but figured I would post it here too for the people of itchio, this was a awesome game to play I cant wait for the full release :D

Just made a video of this awesome game :D

Hope you enjoy

Linux version completely locks up my computer.

This is an awesome concept! I hope this game gets developed into a full game. For Filipino gamers out there, here's my let's play video of this game.

buen juego espero con ansian la version completa aqui les dejo este gameplay

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I really enjoyed this game!! It was honestly such a refreshing experience seeing something new like this, it was fun and very cool along the way, i can not wait for the full game!!!

Come check out my video and my channel!!!

I really liked this game because of the interesting mechanics, the art style and the music/sound that the game had. I really can't wait to play the full game in all honestly and in my opinion has a lot of potential. Here is my video on this wonderful game if you want to check it out.

I do many videos like this so come check out the channel if you like :D

Hello! I played the game and I have to say I loved the mechanics, it was really interesting to try to solve puzzles! One of them tripped me up a bit too. The music was very nice and the graphics were very visually pleasing! I made a game play video to anyone that would like to check it out! :)

Very nice graphic style, usually I'm not a fun of minimalistic graphics but his one does it well. Love the choice of colors.

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Good game overall. I like the light mechanics of this game, it is new in puzzle platformers. It has a fantastic soundtrack. Can't wait for the full game to be released :D

Hope this game will be successful. Also, I did a playthrough of this, you can check it out if you want ;)
EDIT: The drop @ the last part was anticlimactic :(

Nice game, looking forward for your full game (with Indonesia Commentary)

This game was amazing!

Great style, music! and most importantly an amazingly unique puzzle mechanic!

This game is SOO much fun. I can't wait for the full version i hope it's soon, i will do a let's play of it.

here's mine for the demo version by the way >

This is an awesome game! I love the music and the idea! Can't wait for the full version!

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Love this! The music is so relaxing and the ambiance is pitch-perfect. Can't wait to see the final version.

Here's my LP:

This game is Amazing! can't wait for the full version x)

I did record a video playing it


Really great game! Super clam, well done. I look forward to the end product :)

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A brilliant and challenging puzzle game with a beautiful minimalistic art style that will give you eyegasms throughout.


Excuse, may I ask what the soundtrack in this game is called, or do you have a download link? I really like it :] Thank you


I believe the game developer has hand made it. I'd love to know if he decides to sell it by its self. All I see right now is a music perk on his indigogo.


If it was made by him, I'd definitely like to buy it, if he decides to sell. Made the game experience much more better.

Agreed! Very chill but moving music. I sure hope he decides to sell it as well :)

Hi! I'm working on music by myself. The music in this demo is work in progress pieces, they are not finished. And yes, soundtrack will be available after game release.


OMG love the way you have to use the light to solve the puzzle and that part when he got an idea LOL


I am so glad I saw this from jacksepticeye, it's a wonderful concept and I love how the main character even has adorable little feet when moving around. The only thing I would say could have adjustment is the controls, they're not awful but I think there could be improvement. All in all well done devs! I look forward to a full game.


I think this game truly shows how much you can do with just a simple mechanic. Well done developers

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