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I first found this game on Jacksepticeye's channel and decided to give it a go!

Also, I enjoyed it enough to give it a more thorough review on my blog! Keep up the great work BMBCRCKR!!

I do like this game, I just can't figure out why sometimes my guy jumps super high and other times he doesn't...

Just played through the game, and I LOVED it! Some parts of it are very reminiscent of Limbo and Inside, and a really enjoyed that. The puzzles and mechanics grew increasingly more interesting and difficult throughout the demo, but never once felt tired or boring. My favorite part was near the end when he gets the lightbulb on top of his head and he BECOMES the light. That added so many more challenges and possibilities to the gameplay. I can't wait to see and play the full game when it comes out!

I love this game, its mechanics and the puzzles, i do have some constructive criticism though. The games buttons were irritating as i kept finding myself changing the volume and brightness of my computer instead of pressing X so maybe try a few different buttons for interaction, i thought maybe Ctrl or something like that. I had a similar problem with the general controls, especially jumping, if you're going to use space as a jump button then please use WAS&D to move simply because it feels more natural or if you would rather use the arrow keys then use up as jump. On the topic of jumping the mechanics for jumping aren't the best and were quite annoying, i'm not sure how to fix this but it's just a point to make. In general though Great game and I love the mechanics and original Ideas.

Thanks for mentioning the control problems. Actually I don't really like current control scheme, it still needs adjustments. So I will work on it.

enjoyed the game it is a very different style puzzled game that is very intresting can't wait to see the full game i found this game from jacksepticeye and it is an awsome game

Thank you for playing!


Played this awesome game! Can't wait until it comes out :)

Thanks for your video! Glad you liked the demo.

I enjoyed playing the game but i found a glitch which is easily abused. You can jump infinetly high depending op how many times you press the jump button while your game is paused if ur standing on the ground.

Thanks for catching this bug!

Really cool little game, I enjoyed playing it! :)

Thank you!

Отличная игра! Жду релиза.

Спасибо за видео! Рад, что понравилось демо.

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I played it! I loved it! I'll pay for it! I'll support in funding!

Nice demo and enjoyable puzzles. I really like the chilled out and laid-back vibe; plus lovely visuals and music. I've covered it in an article for Gaming Respawn:


I'm glad you liked it. And thank you so much for the article!

Gave it a go...


This is a great video! Thank you for playing and recording it.

Wonderful game! the learning curve was great, I felt like different puzzle features were introduced at a great pace and those super stylish environments!. I wanted to use a good chunk of the landscapes as desktop backgrounds.

Thank you for playing the demo and for your video! And it's really nice to hear that you liked the graphics.

Really great work with NL. Gameplay, visuals, difficulty curve. I voted on Greenlight. :)

Thank you so much for recording this gameplay video! I'm really glad you liked the demo.

It's been a fun experience. The demo is so polished, throughout I felt like NL is a game that had so much work and tweaking that went into it. Hats off. :)

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